Titan Cloud Continues Growth Trajectory, Advances Fuel Asset Optimization Platform, and Expands Leadership Team

YOY Sales Soar as Market Leaders in C-Store, Wholesale Distribution, and Commercial Fleet Select Titan Cloud Solutions

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NASHVILLE, Tenn., July 12, 2023 Titan Cloud, the leading fuel asset optimization software platform that helps companies reduce environmental risk, decrease maintenance costs, and increase fuel sales and profits, is excited to announce continued growth and momentum in the enterprise fuel market. Titan Cloud builds on its record-breaking performance in 2022 with an outstanding first half in 2023.

New business sales soared by more than 300% YOY in the first half of 2023, with new accounts in C-Store, wholesale distribution, and fleet industries. On top of record financial performance, Titan Cloud continues to develop significant product enhancements and innovations, as well as expand its leadership, sales, and marketing teams.

Trusted by the biggest brands in the C-Store, wholesale distribution, and commercial fleet markets, the Titan fuel asset optimization software monitors and manages over 65,000 facilities for over 700+ global customers. Furthermore, the data analytics and development teams at Titan continue to make significant advancements in back-end infrastructure modernization to increase scale and performance while also refining the front-end user experience to improve usability and workflow efficiency.

“I am proud of our team’s innovation and delivery of state-of-the-art fuel optimization solutions. We constantly look for new ways to help our clients improve their operations and efficiency, as well as their fuel yield,” stated Titan Cloud CEO David Freese. “The average convenience store relies on the ‘angry customer’ detection method to identify sub-optimal fueling experiences. Our platform minimizes both the frequency and duration of poor experiences, helping increase sales by 0.2 to 1%, offering huge ROI.”

Titan, the market’s only end-to-end fuel asset optimization system, helps companies manage and improve fuel operations, visibility, and fuel yield through its unified data platform. Titan’s software-first, hardware-agnostic solution offers unrivaled device connectivity, operational flexibility, and scale, allowing organizations to simplify and proactively manage their ever-evolving fuel ecosystem. Whether its environmental compliance, maintenance and testing, or frictionless fueling experiences to the consumer, Titan is digitizing all things fuel on a single, real-time platform to enable enterprise-wide fuel asset optimization.

Additionally, Titan Cloud has expanded its executive team with the additions of Patrick Block, CFO, John Huettel, CRO, and Caroline Proctor, VP Marketing, to scale overall operations and the go-to-market motion and strategy.

Patrick Block

John Huettel

Caroline Proctor
VP Marketing

All bring over 20 years in SaaS and executive leadership to Titan. Learn more about Patrick, John, Caroline, and more on the About Us page at www.titancloud.com.

“I am thrilled to work with everyone at Titan and our wonderful customers. Titan has the people, technology, expertise, and experience to deliver dramatic value to our clients,” said John Huettel. “We are leading a market change by shifting enterprises away from disconnected siloes, manual processes, reactionary alerts, and point solutions by providing the enterprise-wide data visibility and control that our customers require to make the best decisions across compliance, maintenance, and fuel operations.”


About Titan Cloud Software

Titan Cloud provides an industry-leading Fuel Asset Optimization software platform to help customers effectively manage environmental compliance risk, reduce maintenance costs, and increase revenue. Entrusted by a customer base that includes the biggest names in the retail petroleum industry and commercial fleet market, Titan’s software platform currently monitors 50% of all U.S. consumer gasoline throughput and covers more than 65,000 facilities. Working with this extensive network enables Titan to provide its customers with compelling data and analytics that they can use to manage risk and fuel profit. Launched in 2012, the company is headquartered near Nashville, Tennessee. Learn more at www.titancloud.com.

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