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Supply Optimization & Logistics Challenges We Help Solve

Planning & Buying


Challenges fuel retailers face when managing fuel demand and pricing
Fuel logistics challenges facing fuel merchants
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What Are The Benefits ?

End-to-End Solution

Titan Cloud unifies data for real-time fuel supply chain visibility and management. Streamline forecasting, ordering/dispatching, and automated order/BOL/delivery reconciliation.

Reduce fuel supply costs by 25-75 basis points using full contract and badge management capabilities, off-contract best buy procurement that considers freight costs, and carrier and third-party performance management.

Data-driven algorithms forecast fuel needs, manage inventory, and automatically schedule optimal deliveries (product, time, quantity) for each site. Plus, automated orders, dispatch, and tracking keep everything running smoothly.

With Titan Cloud’s load/route optimization and driver app, easily schedule loads across drivers/carriers, optimize routes for efficiency, and require drivers to select tanks on their mobile device when dropping fuel to reduce cross-drops.

Manage, in real-time, delivery quantity variance, duplicate invoices, unknown deliveries, missing deliveries and automatically reconcile BOL and invoice data to significantly reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

Comprehensive Fuel Supply Chain Visibility

Empowering fuel retailers and operators with data-driven tools for smarter pricing, forecasting, carrier management, and back-office efficiency.

Remotely See & Resolve Critical Fuel Supply Issues

Gain real-time visibility and control over your entire fuel supply chain. Monitor sites, tank levels, orders, deliveries, and take action, regardless of the carrier. Plus, leverage automatic delivery and order creation based on historical utilization and data.

Price optimization and fuel management leveraging Titan software

BOL Matching & Real-Time Invoicing

Eliminate fuel discrepancies and delays with automated verification from order to delivery. Reduce DSO, variance due to BOL mismatch, and errors with our automated reconciliation engine. And receive accurate invoices instantly for faster payments and improved cash flow.

BOL matching and real-time invoicing software

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

Visibility & Performance

“The Titan Cloud platform makes our processes more traceable and transparent. With the informative data we now have, we can focus on improving performance across all our retail brands.”

Scott Barrett

Director of Pricing, Supply & Logistics

EG Streamlines Operations

“We partnered with Titan Cloud to streamline our operations and leverage a single source of data for our fuel site needs. Titan’s support and services have been instrumental as we continue to scale and add sites throughout North America.”

Tom Cacciola

SVP & Chief Real Estate Officer

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