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Compliance Challenges We Help Solve

Titan Cloud overcomes compliance solutions such as lack of visibility and ownership of data, managing multiple systems, disconnected processes, limited visibility, overwhelming volume of alarms, and paper-based inspections.
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What Are The Benefits ?

Increased Productivity

Efficiency gains through reduced manual data entry, automated processes, and increased visibility enabling proactive vs. reactive activities.

Reduce release size, frequency, and clean-up costs by 40-80% by using real-time release detection, synchronization, and coordination of all service operations, and managing remediation efforts proactively.

Reduction in violations reduces operating expenses and team efforts to address issues. Prevents downtime of equipment due to lack of responses to NOV’s and eliminates tank downtime.

Decrease vendor costs by up to 30% using automated and integrated work streams that decrease and streamline vendor management tasks, creating cost savings opportunities and standardizing price structures.

Leverage compliance data to reduce equipment downtime resulting in a reduction in alarm dispatches and maintenance costs.

Proactively Manage Your Fuel Assets And Operations

Efficiency doesn’t have to be sacrificed for compliance. We make compliance easy by utilizing cutting-edge technology, intuitive design, and years of industry experience.

Compliance Dashboard

With fully customizable views, get real-time visibility into key metrics, risks, and issues. And live feeds from data sources provide real-time notifications and troubleshooting of compliance issues.


Take Control of Your Data

Keep your sites up-to-date without handing over control to a third-party vendor. With digital access and control of your data, vendors will have to compete based on performance and pricing, reducing your costs by up to 30%.

Industry-Leading Leak & Loss Detection

Our Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) goes beyond compliance to detect leaks, monitor fuel loss, and identify root causes. US EPA-certified as the most accurate release detection method, SIR can detect leaks as small as 0.05 gallons (0.189 liters) per hour with greater than 99.6% accuracy.

More on Titan Cloud SIR
Titan Cloud Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) dashboard.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

Yesway Gains Agility with Compliance

“We needed to find a platform that was cost effective, that could work with our existing portfolio of c-stores, and that could both grow and adapt to regulatory changes as well as adding vendors, adding staffing…something that was flexible and customizable.”

Aaron Pachlhofer

Sr. Environmental Compliance Manager

Parker’s Automates Compliance

“The system recognizes certain forms that states demand, and if a form is not approved or requires revisions, Titan will make those changes immediately so that it is accepted by the state. This not only saves time, but it also keeps the team focused on higher priority activities rather than administrative tasks.”

Josh Cohen

Fuel Logistics Manager

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