Parker’s Kitchen is Primed to Scale for Growth with Titan Cloud’s Fuel Asset Optimization

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Parker's Kitchen convenience store and busy forecourt.

With plans to double its store footprint, adding 78 locations to its existing 90-location portfolio over the next five years, Parker’s Kitchen recognized their software strategy needed a modern refresh. Titan Cloud’s enterprise SaaS solution was the obvious choice. The robust platform, which is more than a compliance or fuel management tool, empowers retailers to own and manage their data, as well as interconnect systems and value chains.

Consolidating Data and Dollars

While fuel management is moving toward digitalization, other retail sectors are ahead of the fuel industry in terms of integrating digital technologies to reap its full benefits. In fact, many convenience and fuel retailers still manage critical operations through “siloed” in-house systems. This was the case for Savannah, Georgia-based Parker’s Kitchen.

“We were using multiple point solutions to manage our fuel assets,” said Ricky John, Vice President of Fuel Operations, Parker’s Kitchen. “The team would access inventory in one system and then need to use another system for water levels and alarm data. There was no integration or consolidated view, which made things challenging to manage.”

“What we’re seeing in the market is that businesses have data, but a lot of it is unstructured, it’s not in one place, and it is not at the level of granularity required,” said John Huettel, Titan’s Chief Revenue Officer. “We solve that problem and put the data into automated workflows and processes where they can manage it day-to-day and manage it at scale.”

“We needed a single platform to connect all of our fuel data including inventory, tank sizes, water levels, fuel yield, inspections and testing, alarm alerts, and more—to act quickly and precisely with the real-time insights,” John said. “Titan’s software-first, hardware[1]agnostic approach provided us with the connectivity, operational flexibility, and scale we needed allowing us to simplify and proactively manage the dynamic needs of our fuel ecosystem.”

Parker’s Kitchen uses Titan Cloud’s suite of tools to increase productivity and profitability, as well as to reduce environmental risk and improve the workflow for their fuel assets. This has helped them to automate monthly compliance reporting, avoid fines, maintain uptime at the forecourt, and become far more effective in vendor and process control.

Read how Parker’s Kitchen overcame the following challenges with Titan Cloud’s Fuel Asset Optimization solutions.


  • Utilized multiple on-prem point solutions
  • Need to consolidate data, gain visibility, and migrate to the cloud
  • Seek cost savings along with improved vendor management


  • Frictionless fuel insights
  • Environmental compliance
  • Advanced facility inspections


  • Centralized compliance management
  • Compliance dashboard visibility
  • Electronic file management
  • Automatic report generation
  • ATG alarm workflows prioritizing critical issues
  • Fast implementation and empowered internal team

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