How Titan Cloud Helped Yesway Scale Its Compliance Program

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Yesway convenience store and large forecourt.

Switching compliance platforms would cause any compliance manager to sweat, but for Yesway’s Aaron Pachlhofer the task was made more challenging by the company’s ambitious growth. Until 2019, Yesway had been slowly expanding by acquiring small convenience store groups, but that all changed with the acquisition of Allsup’s, a regional chain in New Mexico with more than 300 stores. Yesway’s site count quadrupled overnight, and it quickly became apparent that the company would need a new compliance solution to keep up with the rapid growth.

Searching for a Solution Software

At the time of the acquisition, Yesway’s compliance platform was managed by a service provider and wasn’t sustainable for a company with ambitious growth goals. The compliance team often experienced delays in tank monitoring, complications with unnecessary alarm dispatches, and frustration with the numerous spreadsheets and databases used for compliance tracking. Additionally, Yesway had inherited a complicated tank portfolio that included varied installation dates, equipment, and federal and state requirements.

Read how Yesway overcame the following challenges with Titan Cloud’s Fuel Asset Optimization solutions.


  • Tank monitoring delays
  • Unnecessary alarm dispatches
  • Manual compliance tracking
  • Fast growth requiring a scalable solution


  • Environmental compliance
  • Real-time dashboard
  • Important dates
  • Automatic report generation


  • Streamlined, efficient compliance operation
  • Everything centralized on one platform
  • Greater visibility and actionable insights

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