Optimize Every Aspect of Your Fuel Operations’ Margin And Customer Experience

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Fuel Challenges We Help Solve

Inventory Variance

Customer Experience

Titan Cloud solutions overcome inventory variance challenges due to limited visibility, inability to manage variance thresholds at
Titan Cloud solutions overcome challenges around the customer experience at the pump due to limited visibility to tank shutdown and nozzle down by site, and slow flow trends by fueling position.
Young woman fueling her vehicle at a gas station.
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Tanker truck delivery fuel to underground storage tanks.
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What Are The Benefits ?

Improved Customer Experiences

Reduced frequency and duration of runouts, slow flow, and nozzle down events.

Boost fuel throughput and sales by minimizing equipment downtime and highlighting root cause of fuel loss throughout the supply chain.

Software automation helps reduce manual work currently required to understand true variance, investigate fuel loss issues, collaborate with carriers, and manage invoicing and payments.

Reduce calibration and other maintenance costs as well as eliminating unnecessary investigations into fuel variance.

Better Data. Smarter Insights. More Profit.

The Titan Cloud platform combines years of fuel retail and wholesale expertise with user-friendly desktop and mobile applications.

Precise Fuel Insights

Access vital fuel inventory data in a single dashboard from terminal to truck to tank to dispenser to consumer. Flow rate data may be viewed by fueling position, transaction count and trend, along with dispenser performance KPIs.

More on Titan Cloud Inventory Variance
Frictionless fueling solutions include KPI of fuel rate by position, monitor flow rate fueling position and tracking activities.

Easily Manage And Resolve Critical Fuel Supply Issues

Efficiently manage inventory levels across sites, prioritizing them based on importance. Access site retain/runout projections and alarms to enhance monitoring. Streamline the process further by optimizing direct fuel ordering and fostering collaboration with carriers.

Frictionless fuel capabilities such as configurable presents by fuel site, views by site or individual tank, time-based views, and one-click order creation.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

Visibility & Performance

“The Titan Cloud platform makes our processes more traceable and transparent. With the informative data we now have, we can focus on improving performance across all our retail brands.”

Scott Barrett

Director of Pricing, Supply & Logistics

EG Streamlines Operations

“We partnered with Titan Cloud to streamline our operations and leverage a single source of data for our fuel site needs. Titan’s support and services have been instrumental as we continue to scale and add sites throughout North America.”

Tom Cacciola

SVP & Chief Real Estate Officer

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