Optimizing Fuel Operations for Maximum Margins While Minimizing Risk

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The Trusted Leader in the Downstream Fuel Software Market

Here are a few reasons why customers in convenience, wholesale distribution, and fleet industries rely on our industry-leading platform.

Market Leader

A True Software Company

Fuel Asset Optimization

Customer Success and Value

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Market Leader

Offer unparalleled capabilities to enterprises managing fuel assets by integrating people, equipment, and facilities.

Unquestionable Scale and Support
  • 85,000 sites connected, supporting 700+ customers around the world.
  • Helping businesses of all sizes from single-store operators to the largest global enterprises.
  • Financially sound, with excellent year-over-year growth and Charlesbank backing.
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Enterprise SaaS that Delivers

A software-first approach that integrates all of your business systems into one easy to use solution.

Not All Software is Created Equal
  • Go beyond reports and analytics to drive true software automation.
  • Take advantage of all the benefits that a scalable, secure, and modern multi-tenant SaaS platform has to offer.
  • Adopt an untethered strategy that connects to all IoT devices using a hardware-agnostic approach.
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Fuel Asset Optimization

Digitize all things fuel on one platform to achieve big gains.

A Single Platform to Turn Complexity into Action
  • The most comprehensive platform for compliance, maintenance, fuel, and logistics.
  • An integrated solution that spans the entire fuel supply chain to deliver enterprise-wide visibility, insight, and control.
  • Removes operational constraints, workarounds, manual processes, and operational and compliance blind spots, allowing customers to fully optimize their fuel operations.
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Customer Success and Value

Partner with a team of industry experts, including past owner/operators who have walked in your shoes.

Get the Most Value from our Products and Services
  • Gain a long-term trusted partner with a track-record of success.
  • Work with a dedicated Customer Success Manager to understand your needs and help achieve your vision.
  • Experience real value at every stage of the client journey.

The Leading Choice in Optimizing Fuel Operations

The Industry Standard

Whether it’s compliance, maintenance, or frictionless fueling, more fuel operators choose Titan Cloud.

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Of all U.S. retail fuel monitored with Titan



Connected c-stores and global facilities



Leading global customers rely on Titan

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More Connections For
More Insights

We connect all your existing and necessary data for real-time insights. Our platform fills gaps that disparate systems simply cannot.

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USTs managed using Titan



ATGs polled every day



Alarms and exceptions managed daily

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Our Consultative Approach Helps Extract Real Value

Our experts work with you to identify data gaps and system issues, delivering immediate optimization gains. Moreover, throughout our partnership, we collaborate with you to continuously improve your operations.

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Reduction in hot alarm dispatches



Inventory variance reduction



Decrease in fuel runouts

Titan Cloud

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