Fuel Asset Optimization Provides Unprecedented Facility Insights

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Maintenance Challenges We Help Solve

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What Are The Benefits ?

Lower Dispatch Costs

Reduction in unnecessary dispatching through remote alarm management, triaging issues, remote ATG reconfiguration and reducing alarm noise.

Increase first-time-fix-rate and reduce mean-time-to-service through real-time issue detection and visibility to service history.

Automated workflows reduce human error and improve time-to-discovery of exceptions and alarms.

Turn any inspection into a digital checklist that can be run on a phone, tablet or laptop and link directly to your maintenance dispatch process.

Fuel Asset Optimization Provides Unprecedented Insights

With real-time data from your site’s equipment, gain actionable insights that reduce dispatches, boost uptime, and extend your maintenance budget.

Filter Through The Noise

Titan’s Alarm AI leverages artificial intelligence to effectively manage your overwhelming volume of alarms. By automatically distinguishing between true and false positives, prioritizing which alarms to fix first, and escalating priority-1 alarms for immediate dispatch, Alarm AI cuts through the noise saving you time, effort, and money.

Titan’s Alarm AI leverages artificial intelligence to effectively manage your overwhelming volume of alarms.

Know Where Your Assets Stand

Track and manage all facility equipment, including photo uploads, warranty details, and user manuals. Get custom alerts and know when it’s time to service or replace your equipment.

Maintenance capabilities enable tracking and managing all facility equipment, warranty tracking, monitoring days until retirement, and photos.

Work Orders Made Easy

Transform your work order process by incorporating automation via exceptions and alarms. Our approach eliminates human error and also speeds issue discovery to include detailed progress monitoring, increased visibility, and seamless connectivity to inspections, activity logs, parts, and warranty information. And easily generate e-invoices, assuring an error-free and efficient end-to-end process.

Work order details and automation such as status tracking, link to activity logs, creating e-invoices, and more with Titan Cloud

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

PMG’s Work Order Automation

“Work order automation is a very important module for us. We use it in every place we use the environmental solution. The environmental, fuel, and any other equipment orders are all running through Titan Cloud.”

Brian Hawkey

Facilities Maintenance Manager

7-Eleven Boosts Efficiencies

“We’ve closed over 250,000 visual inspection activities with Titan. That’s a lot of activities, but it really is an organized way to keep up with things. We use the activities function for things I’m not sure Titan is event aware of.”

Ron Fulencheck

Senior Director of Gasoline, Environmental Compliance & Remediation

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