Complete Facility Inspections in 5 Steps

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Apps are available to download for both Apple and Android devices and connect to Titan’s complete inspection cloud platform.

The manager begins by setting up the inspections you want performed. Then, inspectors open the app and are taken to a list of the facilities the manager has given them to inspect.

To ensure compliance, the app includes free access to a library containing all accepted state forms and PEI forms, which apply to states that have not yet adopted their own forms. This means you’ll always meet compliance requirements, with new state forms automatically added as states adopt them. Even better, all completed inspections are published on approved state PDFs for paperless compliance reporting that’s as fast as it is easy.

Operators can set up a new inspection by selecting “add new” and then choosing the inspection they desire completed by field personnel or vendors. Simply select the date of the inspection and your Inspector will automatically be filled in based on the list you’ve set up to perform these inspections. Select “add new” again and the inspection is created. 

You have the ability to require specific fields and attachments, so no inspection can be scored until all forms are filled. You have the option to score results as pass/fail or on a weighted scale.

Information is pulled from your site data in the Titan platform, including facility-specific information like tanks, lines, dispensers, canopies, sumps, and ATGs. This ensures inspectors see and inspect what equipment is actually installed at your sites, increasing both the accuracy and efficiency of your inspection process. 

Once a user has been set up in the inspection app, they can work online providing you with real-time results, or if no internet is available, they can perform inspections offline and sync when the inspection is completed and internet is available.

The types of inspections you can do with Titan are as flexible and versatile as your business needs. Forms in the inspection library are not limited to EPA and PEI inspections since you can configure virtually any form or inspection type you want performed, including 30-day walk-throughs, spill bucket inspections, big oil brand or secret shopper inspections, clean bathroom inspections, fleet inspections and so on. You can even set up an optional approval process if you so choose.

Completed inspections are accessible as mapped PDFs in both the Advanced Facility Inspection App and the Titan platform. And because it’s a cloud platform, you can include as many videos, documents, and photos without worrying about possibly running out of space.

Titan’s management dashboard allows users to manage the inspection process, offering complete visibility into what inspections have been completed and which have not in any given month. 

Additionally, you’ll be notified of deficiencies, inspection statuses or stages, trends, and even the root causes of any recurring problems. You can even set up a workflow with notifications to help users and staff track all issues to resolution—even linking to work orders for full maintenance resolution management.

Inspectors have the flexibility to open previously started inspections, start new inspections, or look at completed inspections from the app. Leading convenience stores have used Titan’s inspection app to perform more than 8,000 fuel facility walk-through inspections each month for over 5 years, making is the #1 inspection app in the fuel industry.

If you’d like to learn more about Titan Cloud Software’s Advanced Inspection Platform and Apps, please reach out today to set up a demo.

Brent Puzak

VP of Solutions Consulting

Brent brings 25 years' industry experience to Titan Cloud as the Vice President of Solutions Consulting. He led environmental shared services for a global retail chain with over 9,000 locations, moving through numerous leadership positions. Brent's diverse background and knowledge allows him to take a strategic approach to addressing complex industry challenges.

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