Leadership Team

Meet Titan Cloud’s dedicated team of enterprise software and fuel management leaders, driving solutions that transform fuel efficiency and cost savings with Fuel Asset Optimization.

team-background David Freese, Chief Product Officer and CEO at Titan Cloud.

David Freese

David has over 25 years’ experience driving software business growth and profitability, as well as creating digital

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team-background Brian Allender, SVP of Product and Technology at Titan Cloud.

Brian Allender

Brian has over 15 years’ experience providing a range of solutions to businesses of all kinds, focusing on

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team-background Patrick Block, CFO at Titan Cloud.

Patrick Block

Patrick’s career spans more than two decades leading the Finance efforts for technology SaaS companies in several

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team-background John Huettel, CRO at Titan Cloud.

John Huettel

John has a successful history of helping enterprise software companies transform and optimize their go-to-market efforts

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team-background Kurt Gutzmann, Chief Scientific Officer at Titan Cloud.

Kurt Gutzmann

Kurt Gutzmann has over 23 years’ experience as a technology architect and scientist with a breadth of experience

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team-background Chris Cooper, President of International at Titan Cloud.

Chris Cooper

Chris was appointed President of International in October 2023 when Titan Cloud acquired Leighton O’Brien, where

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team-background Brandon Huff, Titan Cloud's SVP Global Fuel Logistics & President of Global Operations.

Brandon Huff

Brandon Huff has long been at the intersection of technology, media and commerce. As a senior global executive, Brandon has created, built, and rapidly scaled consumer internet, B2B marketplace, and enterprise technology companies from $10M to $2B+ in annual revenue.

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team-background Russell DuPuy, SVP of Global Wetstock at Titan Cloud.

Russell Dupuy

Russell has been in the retail fuel industry for over twenty years and has built several successful startups.

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Suvro Khan

Suvro Khan is a results-driven and customer-centric executive that is passionate about customer and commercial outcomes. 

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team-background Paul Lauringer, VP of Solutions Consulting at Titan Cloud.

Paul Lauinger

Paul Lauinger has over 25 years of global presales leadership experience and has a proven track record of building high-

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team-background Caroline Proctor, VP of Marketing at Titan Cloud.

Caroline Proctor

Caroline is Titan Cloud’s VP of Marketing and joined after more than two decades as a marketing strategist and team

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Kathy Kim

Kathy Kim is a results-oriented marketing leader with a 20-year track record of transforming brands across industries – from biotech startups to Fortune 500 companies. 

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team-background Eric Nordstrom, Senior Director of Customer Success and Support.

Eric Nordstrom

Eric has 20+ years of experience in customer success roles and has been in the fuel industry since 2009. Eric’s main

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team-background Amanda Bennett, Director of Product at Titan Cloud.

Amanda Bennett

Amanda has been with Titan since 2003 and has had a variety of roles throughout the organization during her tenure.

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Vishakha Joshi

Vishakha Joshi is an experienced information technology leader with over a decade of experience in IT strategy, cloud native development, security, and compliance.

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team-background David Beechum, Senior Director of Applications and Architecture at Titan Cloud.

David Beechum

David brings over 20 years’ experience in software development and IT to Titan. He joined the company in 2010 as an

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