How 7-Eleven Boosts Efficiency, Profits and ROI with Titan Cloud Software

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Large 7-Eleven convenience store and forecourt.

Global c-store juggernaut 7-Eleven leverages Titan Cloud’s comprehensive suite of software to boost efficiency and profitability, leaning on the solution to alleviate environmental risk and optimize the workflow for their complex fuel equipment. This has helped them lower environmental reserves, avoid fines, mitigate fuel variance or loss, and become much more effective in the management of vendors and processes.

The impressive c-store 7-Eleven has more than 50,000 stores across multiple continents, including about 4,500 sites with fuel. The chain has more than 5,000 users of Titan Cloud software, monitors more than 100,000 sensors, and manages over 600,000 test records in the database. With Titan, 7-Eleven manages all aspects of compliance to decrease risk and increase efficiencies in all states, provinces, and regions where they have fuel facilities.

The platform holds all their compliance documentation and testing results and pinpoints key areas needing improvement, such as inventory variance, inspections, and ATG management.

Ron Fulenchek, Senior Director of Gasoline, Environmental Compliance & Remediation for the chain, highlighted how Titan’s offerings help 7-Eleven accomplish all those goals and more.

Read how 7-Eleven overcame the following challenges with Titan Cloud’s Fuel Asset Optimization solutions.


  • Too many alarms
  • Lack of visibility
  • Too many systems


  • Release detection
  • Alarm management
  • Regulatory inspections


  • Integrated 4,000 Speedway (acquisition) stores into the platform in just 2 months
  • Lower environmental reserves and reduced fines
  • Mitigated fuel variance and loss
  • Efficiencies gained with automated processes and workflows
  • Effective management of vendors

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