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The most unlikely catalyst 

Digital transformation has changed almost every aspect of our lives, from smart homes and appliances to virtual conferences and mobile apps. But the convenience store industry has historically been much slower to adopt these new technologies, until now. The onset of the pandemic made retailers reevaluate how to best serve customers who needed their services but were cautious about interacting with other people. This left many owners and operators grasping for ways to create efficiencies in their forecourts and operational systems, with many turning to digital solutions for help. In fact, Nielsen calls COVID-19 “the unexpected catalyst for technology adoption”, evidence of which can be seen in c-stores across the country in the form of new self-checkout stations and online ordering.  

The pandemic may have kickstarted technology integration, but replacing manual processes with new technologies doesn’t mean you have to use a different platform for each solution. That’s why Titan Cloud Software offers just one powerful platform, so you can manage all your site operations in one place. 

Titan Cloud’s platform offers three distinct solutions: environmental compliance, facility maintenance, and wetstock management; all of which integrate easily with your existing equipment and vendors. Data from ATGs, testing vendors, service providers, and back-office systems are all aggregated into the Titan platform, so you can see all your insights in one streamlined dashboard, saving users time and money.   

Environmental compliance for the modern era 

Managing compliance with spreadsheets and filing cabinets is like trying to run a store without a cash register: disorganized and vulnerable to mistakes. Titan’s environmental compliance software has round-the-clock tank monitoring and remote ATG management, so you can respond to leaks more quickly and minimize the damage to your site. The platform also houses all your compliance documentation and tracks important dates, so you never miss a deadline and have access to required documents in a moment’s notice. 

Fuel data at your fingertips 

Owners and operators have been discussing how to optimize their forecourts for years but organizing and analyzing large amounts of data was a time-consuming task, until Titan Cloud introduced their advanced fuel management software. With 24/7 remote access to your fuel system, organized forecourt data is just one click away, so you can monitor flow rates, nozzle availability, and inventory levels without interruption. Real-time inventory information and updated forecasts can then be sent to carriers and internal systems resulting in fewer runouts and more fuel sales.  

In addition to providing the tools you need to analyze your data, Titan’s platform also includes Perfect Gallon, the next generation solution for wetstock management. Perfect Gallon focuses on three critical areas for a greater ROI: inventory variance, frictionless fueling experiences, and fuel deliveries. Perfect Gallon uses a more accurate tank chart and corrects for meter drift, temperature, vapor loss, and fuel density to give you the lowest inventory variance possible. At the same time, it monitors and prevents slow flow, nozzle unavailability, and tank shutdowns, so you can improve your customer experience and increase fuel sales overall. Perfect Gallon also calculates fuel deliveries in real time, so you can reconcile them against Bills of Lading to eliminate short deliveries for good. Managing your wetstock has never been easier or more impactful to your bottom line than it is with Perfect Gallon. 

Site maintenance, streamlined 

You don’t make money when your assets aren’t working, which is why an efficient maintenance program is key to a successful c-store. Titan’s facility maintenance software was created with retailers in mind, so it has customizable features for purchase orders, work orders, and vendor management. It also allows you to manage your assets from inside the platform, so you can attach work orders to specific pieces of equipment and track comments, dispatch history, and even warranty information.  All of this can easily be compiled into a variety of reports for better decision making and a more streamlined, profitable business. 

A single source of truth 

Maintaining several software platforms with individual workflows can leave gaps in your processes and cause mistakes that are costly to correct. Unifying your solutions on one platform gives you the flexibility to manage all your site operations from anywhere. Titan Cloud customers have seen incredible returns on their software investment, from reducing environmental fines by 80% and increasing fuel sales by 6% to 40% fewer fuel runouts and annual savings of $3M from reducing variance. Results like these just go to show that using Titan’s compliance, maintenance, and fuel solutions together give retailers the largest boost in profits.   

Looking ahead 

Ongoing challenges related to the pandemic coupled with changing customer expectations mean digital solutions are here to stay. As these new technologies are implemented, retailers should ensure that they keep their technology stack as streamlined as possible by looking for software that integrates easily with their existing platforms or offers multiple solutions on one platform. Investing in these solutions upfront will help retailers avoid operational gaps and stay ahead in this highly competitive industry.  

Interested in saving time and money with Titan solutions? 

Paul Lauringer, SVP of Solutions Consulting at Titan Cloud.

Paul Lauinger

VP of Solutions Consulting

Paul has over 25 years of global presales leadership experience and has a proven track record of building high-performing, scalable Solution Consulting teams that have advanced strategic, value-based selling skills.

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