Titan Cloud Launches Breakthrough Fuel Asset Optimization Platform for Proactive Fuel Management

First-of-its-Kind Software Platform Integrates Compliance, Maintenance, and Fuel Departments to Streamline Work and Drive Rapid ROI

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NASHVILLE, Tenn., October 4, 2023 Titan Cloud, a global leader in the downstream fuel software market, launched today Fuel Asset Optimization, a game-changing software platform designed to deliver a consolidated view of vital data to manage risk and fuel profit in real time.

Titan’s Fuel Asset Optimization connects people, equipment, and facilities to deliver precise data to the right people in real time for better proactive decision-making across compliance, maintenance, and fuel operations. Titan Cloud helps companies in the C-Store, Fleet, and Service Provider markets reduce compliance risk, decrease maintenance costs, and increase revenues.

“Titan Cloud is proud of its industry-leading approach. We are delivering dramatic ROI and streamlined experiences at over 85,000 fuel sites worldwide with our future-proof platform,” said David Freese, CEO and Chief Product Officer of Titan Cloud. “Our vision has been to deliver the most comprehensive and scalable software platform to the downstream fuel market, and I am excited to see our platform continue to expand and grow.”

Drawing on precise data from ATGs, dispensers, and other transactional or third-party systems, Fuel Asset Optimization provides a scalable software approach that removes operational constraints, eliminates manual processes, and decreases operational and compliance blind spots, allowing customers to fully optimize their fuel operations.

Key highlights of Titan’s platform include:

  • Enterprise-wide visibility, insight, and access control
  • Centralized data source and consolidated asset repository
  • Fuel analytics and automation to drive efficiencies and proactive management
  • Flexible and scalable platform primed for acquisitions and divestitures

Industry giants including 7-Eleven, Circle K, Wills Group, and EG Group have long relied on Titan Cloud’s solutions to streamline their complex compliance requirements. In response to our customers’ need for enterprise-wide visibility, insight, and control over their entire fueling operation, Titan has expanded and evolved from compliance-only to a true Fuel Asset Optimization platform.

As a result, Titan’s integrated platform provides the most comprehensive and extensive Fuel Asset Optimization capabilities in the industry, solving the most dynamic needs in compliance, maintenance, and fuel operations.

Titan Cloud’s Frictionless Fueling suite helps companies improve the overall fueling experience while also increasing fuel yield and profits. With this innovative software approach to fuel management, fuel operators can:

  • Reduce lost sales and operating costs by both reducing and highlighting the root causes of inventory variance and reconciliation issues
  • Reduce costly runouts through better visibility, forecasting, and delivery planning with real-time fuel ordering, dispatch, and replenishment
  • Improve the consumer fueling experience and reduce maintenance costs by identifying slow flow rate issues and nozzle down scenarios
  • Increase fuel yield and profits by understanding real-time fuel loss due to meter drift and theft

Painstaking monthly loss analysis based on static reports, site-level information, gross sales and inventory numbers, and other factors is now replaced with pinpoint accuracy and real-time information down to the individual fuel asset to deliver the most efficient and profitable flow of fuel.

Titan Cloud’s solutions have been shown to improve fuel sales by 0.2% to 1% per site and reduce runouts by 50% to 70%. Customers can also experience reduced inventory variance from 1% to .01% with Frictionless Fueling’s high-definition solution.

“Managing fuel assets is very difficult and extremely expensive,” added John Huettel, Chief Revenue Officer of Titan Cloud. “We are excited to help our clients move away from paper, spreadsheets, and static reports to a more proactive, automated, and integrated software platform.”

Titan Cloud recently announced its acquisition of global fuel analytics software and field technologies provider Leighton O’Brien, strengthening its market position as the most comprehensive and only end-to-end Fuel Asset Optimization platform for operational scalability, performance, and ROI.


Meet with Titan Cloud at NACS

Visit Titan Cloud at booth 3947 at the 2023 NACS Show, Georgia World Congress Center from October 3-6, 2023. Learn more about Fuel Asset Optimization in the Hall B Technology Showcase on the main Exhibit Level.

About Titan Cloud Software

Titan Cloud provides an industry-leading Fuel Asset Optimization software platform to help customers effectively manage environmental compliance risk, reduce maintenance costs, and increase revenue. Entrusted by a customer base that includes the biggest names in the retail petroleum industry and commercial fleet market, Titan’s software platform currently monitors 50% of all U.S. consumer gasoline throughput and covers more than 85,000 facilities. Working with this extensive network enables Titan to provide its customers with compelling data and analytics that they can use to manage risk and fuel profit. Launched in 2012, the company is headquartered near Nashville, Tennessee. Learn more at www.titancloud.com.

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