SOOR Gains Competitive Edge with Titan Cloud’s Connectivity and Modern Fuel Platform

Titan Cloud to deliver precise inventory insights, reduced fuel loss, and real-time priority alert monitoring 

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Soor and Titan Cloud partnership

Kuwait City, Kuwait, May 23, 2024Titan Cloud, the leading Fuel Asset Optimization software platform provider, today announced a strategic partnership with fast-growing Kuwaiti fuel marketer, SOOR. This new initiative will bring enhanced connectivity and precise inventory visibility to Soor’s 42 sites across Kuwait. 

Soor Fuel Marketing Company will initiate its digital transformation with Titan Cloud’s robust connectivity solution. This secure, reliable network foundation enables seamless communication and data exchange across all locations. Fueled by real-time analytics, Soor gains unprecedented visibility into their inventory, allowing swift identification of fuel inventory discrepancies and ensuring they stay on top of priority alarms. This collaboration further signifies Soor’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology to improve operational efficiency and enhance customer service. 

Titan Cloud’s unified platform provides the most comprehensive and extensive Fuel Asset Optimization capabilities in the industry, solving the most complex needs across fuel, supply, logistics, maintenance, and compliance – with a seamless, integrated approach. Moreover, Titan Cloud’s real-time, location-specific inventory insights allow Soor to dramatically minimize fuel variance and optimize their fuel management practices enterprise-wide. 

“Titan Cloud empowers global businesses alongside industry leaders like Soor,” said Chris Cooper, President at Titan Cloud. “Our scalable platform unlocks data insights and efficiencies, fueling growth in today’s dynamic market. Fuel Asset Optimization equips Soor for data-driven decisions and operational excellence, setting them up for future success.” 


About Titan Cloud

Titan Cloud provides an industry-leading Fuel Asset Optimization software platform to help customers effectively decrease fuel supply and logistics costs, reduce environmental compliance risk, lower maintenance costs, and increase revenue. Entrusted by a customer base that includes the biggest names in the retail petroleum industry and commercial fleet market, Titan’s software platform currently monitors 50% of all U.S. consumer gasoline throughput and covers more than 85,000 facilities. Working with this extensive network enables Titan to provide its customers with compelling data and analytics that they can use to manage risk and fuel profit. Launched in 2012, the company is headquartered near Nashville, Tennessee. Learn more at

About Soor

Soor Fuel Marketing Company, a leading Kuwaiti fuel marketer since 2005 (listed KSE 2008), operates a vast network of gas stations across Kuwait, providing customers with high-quality products and services at competitive prices. Soor goes beyond fuel. Their stations offer a variety of convenient services for your vehicle, including oil changes, car washes, maintenance, repair, technical inspections, and even convenience stores. The company is committed to growth and aims to become the dominant player in the Kuwaiti market while expanding into new regions. Learn more at  

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