How EMS Solutions Complement Titan Software

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When we announced our acquisition of Melbourne-based Environmental Monitoring Solutions (EMS) in February, many Titan Cloud customers were curious about the reasons for the acquisition and wondered how it would benefit them. Not only do we share similar goals and a vision for the industry, but by combining the companies’ extensive product lines, we can expand our offerings and capabilities to EMS and Titan customers around the world. For current Titan customers, there should be two new products first and foremost on your mind: Greenscan and Fuelscan.  

You can now ditch third-party SIR vendors and use Greenscan for monthly, weekly, or even daily SIR reports. By  giving you control of your own data, Greenscan lets you fully integrate compliance information on one platform while leveraging a team of dedicated analysts to process daily reconciliation data. For those Titan users who are currently self-managing their SIR, Greenscan can help you save time and money by consolidating internal systems and processes. 

For on-site fuel reconciliation, look no further than Fuelscan. This product yields richer data sets than third-party sources, allowing you to view all your fuel data instead of the trimmed-down version you would otherwise receive. By integrating Fuelscan with other Titan products, you have the freedom to use the equipment you already own instead of being locked into a particular hardware provider. Additionally, you can create a more autonomous fuel management system by removing your dependency on third-party vendors for your own data.  

Finally, EMS is the only ISO9001-2015 certified company for leak detection, so you can rest easy knowing we meet the highest industry standards. 

We’re excited to offer both Fuelscan and Greenscan solutions to all our customers, so you can fully integrate your forecourt from required SIR testing to fuel inventory management. 

Interested in Greenscan or Fuelscan software? 

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Brian Allender

SVP of Product & Technology

Brian has over 15 years’ experience providing a range of solutions to businesses of all kinds, focusing on development, project management, quality assurance, and operations. As the SVP of Product & Technology at Titan, Brian leads the company’s overall product strategy, including process improvement and development operations.

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