The Path to Greater ROI: Reducing Tank Shutdowns

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Leaders in the convenience store industry have always turned to technology that helps maximize revenue. But in a year like 2020, software solutions that provide high returns are vital to continuing operations. That’s why Titan Cloud focuses on creating software that helps users manage their business more efficiently for a greater return on their software investment. Titan offers a range of solutions for environmental compliance, wetstock management and facility maintenance, but the shortest and easiest path to a great ROI is with Titan’s tank shutdown analytics.  

While flow rate, nozzle downs, and inventory management are all important, if a tank is shut down, it’s not pumping fuel. If the tank isn’t pumping fuel, then there are zero fuel sales and your customer leaves the site. Minimizing tank shutdown events requires a focus on reducing both the duration and frequency of shutdowns. Reducing the frequency, in particular, has an enormous impact. We have learned from our customers that sub-optimal ATG configuration drives most preventable shutdown events. Fortunately, Titan has the most advanced ATG configuration tools on the market. 

One primary example of the negative impact of tank shutdowns comes from a customer who implemented Titan Cloud software because their tanks were frequently shut down due to groundwater alarms. Even though the alarms were only for the diesel pump, it was shutting down all the tanks for the entire facility and not allowing any fuel movement. Across all of their facilities, this meant this retailer lost sales of about $550,000 on more than 240,000 gallons of fuel per month

Right away, Titan identified the configuration issues and corrected the gauge programming so that only the pumps that were impacted would shut down and so that other fuel sales could continue. In just one month of using Titan solutions, our customer went from losing fuel sales of more than 240,000 gallons to less than 60,000 gallons, and after four months had reduced their average loss by more than 83%.  

It can be easy for owners and operators to think their ATG programming is “good enough,” but without optimizing ATG and alarm configurations, convenience stores can lose out on thousands or even millions of dollars in sales. That’s why Titan Cloud’s software help users identify inefficiencies and streamline store processes, so owners and operators can become more profitable and get a greater return on their software investment. While there are still plenty of opportunities to increase fuel sales by optimizing flow rate, inventory variance, and other aspects of the customer fueling experience, operators must first minimize tank shutdowns or else there is no fuel to sell.  

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Paul Lauringer, SVP of Solutions Consulting at Titan Cloud.

Paul Lauinger

VP of Solutions Consulting

Paul has over 25 years of global presales leadership experience and has a proven track record of building high-performing, scalable Solution Consulting teams that have advanced strategic, value-based selling skills.

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