Titan Cloud Delivers Results to Industry Leader Circle K

The following was adapted from a presentation by Titan customer Brent Puzak, Director, North American Environmental Shared Services (ESS), at the NEIWPCC National Tanks Conference (NTC): “The Future of UST Technology Trends.” 

Boasting more than 8,000 stores in North America alone, Circle K is one of the United States’ largest fuel retailers and a leader in the c-store and oil gas industries. 

When Brent Puzak, Director of North American Environmental Shared Services (ESS) became part of Circle K through The Pantry acquisition, he was tasked with finding best practices that would help Circle K’s 13 divisions across the country align more completely on a software solution that could deliver benefits and reduce risk and cost across 8,000 facilities. To manage risk, leverage their scale, and consolidate the company’s environmental compliance efforts more effectively, Puzak and Circle K turned to Titan Cloud Software’s solutions. 

Let’s take a deeper look at how Titan Cloud has elevated Circle K’s compliance and overall environmental management. 

Titan Cloud’s Alarm Workflow Improves Efficiency 

Alarms are triggered by numerous eventsoverfill, high-product and low-product, and interstitial alarms are just a few examples of the possible alarm conditions at a Circle K facility.  

Collecting accurate data regarding those alarms, responding to the insights they generate, and adopting processes to mitigate future events is easier than ever with Titan Cloud. 

Titan’s alarm management solution provides Circle K with data on when alarms occur, how long the alarm was in an active state, when it closes on-location, and more. By leveraging this data, Circle K can review past alarms, tying them to specific tanks, theft-related issues, carriers, and more.  

These alarms generate activities within the Titan Cloud platform, notifying the correct individual immediately and ensuring critical tasks are undertaken immediately. 

We have individuals in our corporate structure who are responsible when those conditions come in,” Puzak said. They get an email, whether it’s after hours or [during] normal business hours. It will send them an email, as well as information about what that condition isThey research what’s occurring with the system and what other conditions are happening that may have caused it. They make notes in the activity to document the process. You can follow that from the point in the system when the condition actually occurred to when it was dispatched out and when it was corrected by a service technician. 

This detailed data lets Circle K analyze its time of discovery and response time, leading to measurable improvements in both categories as processes are streamlined.  

Titan Cloud Consolidates Critical Data and Analytics onto a Single Platform 

Puzak said that what was once a manual and decentralized process became a simpler, one-stop shop with Titan Cloud’s software platform. Previously there were over 15 point solutions as well as various Access DB and spreadsheets across the divisions with no standardized operating procedures to manage compliance and risk. 

[The platform’s activities are] really what our people come in and deal with day in and day out,” Puzak said. “Everything we do auto-generates activities in the system. It really forces them to deal with the highest priority items as soon as they come up, and we look at and measure the time of discovery associated with each one.” 

In fact, Puzak labeled Titan Cloud’s solution Circle K’s “single-source compliance system,” adding that it provides the company with a comprehensive, all-encompassing location for “actionable analytics” that help prompt swift responses, manage compliance, and limit remediation. 

“It gives us one data platform [for] all the data we are collecting across organizations All of these data points really give us the nuts and bolts of how we manage our business,” Puzak said. 

Though the entirety of Circle K’s compliance monitoring has been improved by Titan Cloud’s solution, one specific example drives the point home. Initially, the company had around 40 spreadsheets and 10 systems to manage release detection alone 

Now with Titan Cloud, that data has been consolidated considerably. 

[Titan Cloud] gave us the ability to pull all of that information together into one spot. It allowed us to pick and choose what type of release detection we wanted to use based on whether it was a high-throughput store or not,” Puzak said. “We could use SIR for high throughput tanks, and, for the lower volume tanks, we could use CSLD where we didn’t have throughput issues. 

Titan Cloud Provides Root-Cause Analysis and Integrates with Testing Vendors 

Circle K leverages generated activities from the automated testing vendor interface and alarms within the Titan Cloud solution to capture beneficial analytics, including root-cause analysis. This analysis allows Circle K to collect actionable data regarding each activity or alarm that a team member receives, logging critical information like the cause, issue type, and eventual resolution. 

“Let’s say we have an issue of water coming into a tank, and they send a contractor out there to investigate that. We’re not just sending them to pump it out. We want to know why that water got in there,” Puzak said. Was it a damaged boot? Was it surface water? What was causing the issue? Our team is capturing that information and logging it into the system. 

This meaningful data, and other important insights captured with Titan Cloud’s solutions, is also able to be directly integrated with Circle K’s vendors.  Testing vendors (such as Tanknology and Crompco) were integrated into the platform via a standard interface that dramatically improved efficiency.  Titan allowed Circle K to own their data and their testing schedule which drove huge cost savings. 

Instead of laboring over physical, paper files that were tremendously hard to parse, transfer, and analyze, Circle K now leverages Titan Cloud’s solutions to automate vendor data feeds. 

While Circle K has team members that audit that data, it doesn’t require any manual entry, freeing up those work hours for other critical tasks while also increasing the efficiency of communication. 

Titan allows our team to focus on the true issues rather than focus on the process of moving paper from one point to another,” Puzak said.

Elevating Environmental Compliance ROI with Titan Cloud 

Titan Cloud helped Circle K save millions of dollars by reducing environmental reserves and standardizing testing vendor pricing, both driven by a common platform, data management, root cause analytics, and standard operating procedures across thousands of locations and several operating divisions. 

Like Circle K, you can take your environmental compliance management to the next level by leveraging a Titan Cloud solution that meets your unique needs and addresses your lingering challenges.  

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