Titan Cloud Staff Spotlight: Jordon Sendecke

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At Titan Cloud, nothing is more important to us than our customers; their success is our success. To ensure that each receives the personal attention, technical guidance, and positive experience they deserve, we rely on our Manager of Client Support, Jordon Sendecke.  

The Beginning: Chicago to Nashville

Jordon recently celebrated seven years with Titan Cloud. Not bad for someone who started with the company on a whim and only saw himself staying in Tennessee for a year.  

“I was in college when I heard from a buddy of mine about an open call center position at JMM Global. I got the job and stayed in that role for a few years, up until Titan Cloud acquired JMM,” says the Chicago native. “At that point Titan asked if I’d be interested in staying with the company and invited me down to Franklin to check out the area. I’d never lived outside of Chicago, so I thought why not? I’ll give it a year. Two years later I bought my house.” 

During that time, Jordon’s career grew within the company. His call center role led to an opportunity as the customer care subject matter expert for the team; he then moved into an account manager position. Today, Jordon is Titan Cloud’s Manager of Client Support, a job he says is equal parts project management and people management.  

“I have a team of eight support specialists. We work with customers on how to make the software work best for them, address questions, and take on some special projects,” he says. “Having started out answering phones, I learned a lot about the industry and what types of issues come up. That experience has helped me understand the needs of our customers today.” 

Serving customers and building a team.

While growing his career with Titan Cloud, the only thing Jordon says he values as much as client success is helping nurture the success of his teammates.  

“The most satisfying thing about my job is supporting my team. Recently, one of our staff members was on a call with a client and wasn’t sure how to help with a particular issue. I showed her in real time, the customer was thrilled, and she got great feedback,” he says. “She and I went over all of it later so she fully understood what we had done. Next time she’ll be good to go. That’s what I want: To see the people on my team, notice their hard work, support them, and help them get to where I am—or to surpass me!”

Enjoying Tennessee life 

Outside of work, Jordon can often be found playing with his dogs, golfing with friends, or traveling to the midwest to visit family with his fiancée Taylor, a NICU nurse who works at a hospital in Nashville. The two of them also like to golf together, and recently tried their hand at gardening, something they’ll be working on again this spring. 

Moving away from home, buying a house, growing in his profession, and now planning a wedding—Jordon has hit several milestones during his time with Titan Cloud. He looks back on all of it with gratitude. 

“I’ve always seen my career trajectory a certain way, and it’s going exactly how I want it to. Without Titan, I may not have ended up where I wanted to be professionally,” he says. “It’s a really good company and I just love working for them.” 

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