Switching compliance platforms would cause any compliance manager to sweat, but for Yesway’s Melissa Davis the task was made more challenging by the company’s ambitious growth. Until 2019, Yesway had been slowly expanding by acquiring small convenience store groups, but that all changed with the acquisition of Allsup’s, a regional chain in New Mexico with more than 300 stores. Yesway’s site count quadrupled overnight and it quickly became apparent that the company would need a new compliance solution to keep up with the rapid growth.

Searching for a Solution

At the time of the acquisition, Yesway’s compliance platform was managed by a service provider and wasn’t sustainable for a company with ambitious growth goals. The compliance team often experienced delays in tank monitoring, complications with unnecessary alarm dispatches, and frustration with the numerous spreadsheets and databases used for compliance tracking. Additionally, Yesway had inherited a complicated tank portfolio that included varied installation dates, equipment, and federal and state requirements.

Software You Can Rely On

Titan’s environmental compliance solution lets users manage risk effectively by unifying everything on one centralized platform. The software includes critical features such as important date tracking, electronic file management, and ATG alarm workflows that help customers prioritize the most important issues. With an easy-to-use interface and 24/7 customer support, Titan’s comprehensive solution keeps growing petroleum retail businesses organized and efficient.

Built for Growth

Once Yesway chose Titan Cloud for their compliance solution, things moved quickly. Both teams understood that even in a transition, compliance cannot fall behind. Fortunately, Titan Cloud’s user-friendly setup, ongoing training, and dedicated Account Managers were able to get Yesway set up and running in just a few weeks. With Titan’s platform fully operational, Yesway’s compliance team became more efficient with every new feature they used. Some of the features Davis finds most impactful are:

  • Compliance dashboard - provides a real- time summary of the company’s site portfolio for quick identification of issues
  • Important Dates – track important dates for reporting, permits, and testing requirements
  • Automatic report generation – users set up reports once and let them run automatically, keeping vital info just one click away

When asked what advice she would give other companies Davis said, “You need a platform that includes adequate support and training for setup and beyond. Thankfully, Titan has provided that to us and continues to do so. That is part of what makes Titan grow with your company. Whether you’re expanding rapidly, adding staff, switching stats, switching insurance companies...they will grow with you.”