Veeder-Root Announces a Strategic Partnership with Titan Management Group

Retail petroleum businesses can now easily network an unlimited number of automatic tank gauges and access them from anywhere in the world

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Atlanta – Oct. 5, 2010 – Veeder-Root is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Titan Management Group to develop Inform.Net, a web-enabled automatic tank gauge (ATG) software solution. This revolutionary software for petroleum retailers is a web- based business management tool that instantly connects any number of users to any number of sites from anywhere in the world.

“We are excited that our new Inform.Net Software will be available through a partnership between the industry’s leading experts in automatic tank gauging and enterprise software-based compliance solutions respectively,” said Jason Wilbur, President of Veeder-Root. Inform.Net is intuitive, easy to use, and requires minimal training. Everything from site setup, data collection, and report generation is available to help retailers remotely manage their sites.

“Inform.Net has been developed to meet the highest standards of enterprise software,” said David Freese, CEO of Titan. The combination of Veeder-Root’s leadership in automatic tank gauging and Titan’s expertise in retail petroleum site management software offers petroleum customers the best approach to manage large or small ATG networks.

Veeder-Root will be showcasing its new Inform.Net Software at PEI/NACS in booth #1125.

About Veeder-Root 

Veeder-Root [] is a leading global supplier of automatic tank gauging, fuel management systems and stage II vapor recovery solutions including the Red Jacket® brand of submersible pumps and pressurized line leak detectors. Veeder-Root and Red Jacket are market leading brands with a tradition of excellence in the petroleum industry.

About Titan Management

Titan Management Group [] offers the industry’s only integrated UST compliance solutions for petroleum marketers and fleet owners. Titan’s software shields the largest companies against regulatory risk, while dramatically improving operational efficiency. Titan is the market leader in compliance software.

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