Once upon a time, many years ago, Love’s Travel Stops executives were having trouble managing environmental compliance at all of their sites. So they began searching for a solution that could store all their compliance and connectivity data and also provide a one-stop-shop to streamline their processes. After evaluating a variety of solutions and even considering an in-house option, Love’s selected Titan Cloud’s industry-leading software to help them manage all aspects of their environmental compliance.  

The Love’s team started using Titan’s mobile inspection app to collaborate with 3rd party vendors on issues and remediation tracking. Communicating with external teams through the app allows Love’s users to ensure quick resolutions every timeIn addition to the mobile app, the Service Channel integration feeds Love’s activities and workflows from Titan’s platform directly into Love’s maintenance portal to eliminate double entries and mistyped information.  

With Titan’s environmental compliance software proving to be such a success, Love’s deepened their relationship with Titan Cloud to include Alarm and ATG Configuration Management solutionsThe Love’s team immediately saw results with the alarm management system, alerting them to alarms they previously wouldn't have seen and allowing them to dive deeper into recurring alarms through Titan’s root-cause analysis. The new detailed information on alarm types, groups, causes, and frequencies allows Love’s users to see how alarms are affecting a specific location and troubleshoot what’s triggering alarms in the first place.  

On streamlining their compliance and ATG processes, Love’s Senior Environmental Manager Kevin Nickell said, “the greatest return we’ve seen has been in time saved, and in this industry, time is money.” Titan solutions are used at more than 730 Love’s stores across the U.S. As Love’s continues their rapid site expansion, the Love’s and Titan Cloud teams will continue working together to identify retailer pain points and create innovative solutions to overcome those challenges.  

The End.