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What is it?

Perfect Gallon represents the next generation of wetstock management. With new insights gained from advances in machine learning, Perfect Gallon delivers the lowest possible variance and highest return on investment. (We call it Perfect Litre outside the U.S.)

High-definition Inventory Variance

You can’t afford to lose fuel to undetected leaks or accept even 1% variance. With Perfect Gallon, variance of less than one-tenth of one percent is possible after correcting for the tank chart, meter drift, temperature, vapor loss, and fuel density. But identifying variance is just part of the battle. You need the tools and workflows to manage variance issues too. Titan Cloud’s Perfect Gallon can do it all.

Perfect Delivery

Perfect Gallon uses sophisticated techniques that calculate real time deliveries more accurately than any ATG. The accuracy and precision of deliveries can be used to reconcile against Bills of Lading and eliminate short deliveries once and for all. You’ll never again have to rely on the accuracy of a BoL with Perfect Delivery.

Frictionless Fueling

Better customer experiences have a real impact on the bottom line. Customers dislike approaching a fueling position only to find that its unavailable or incredibly slow. But by monitoring and preventing slow flow, nozzle unavailability, and tank shutdowns, Perfect Gallon helps operators improve fuel sales by 3 – 6% per site.


Annual savings with reduction in variance


reduction in acceptable variances


Additional profits from fuel sales

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