Upcoming Webinar: Fuel Inventory Variance Control: Speed & Precision Matter 

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An often-silent culprit, fuel inventory variance is a major concern that can wreak havoc across the entire supply chain. Ultimately, the ripple effects can lead to operational downtime, misallocated resources, unnecessary write-offs, and significant revenue loss over time. Even a one percent variance can result in a financial deficit in the millions over the course of a year.  

Today’s fuel retailers operate in an extremely competitive industry where they can be fighting off stiff competition or positioning for merger activity on any given day. Dealing with the domino effects of inventory variance takes focus away from business enhancements and growth opportunities, as operators are forced to divert funds and labor toward addressing problems. 

With multiple sites, thousands of sensors to monitor, and a complex fuel supply chain to manage, retail fuel operators using outdated, legacy systems don’t stand a chance. To get ahead of fuel inventory variance factors, integrating industry-specific technology is the only way to monitor systems in real-time, gathering granular data to make better, faster business decisions. End-to-end platforms like Titan Cloud’s provide: 

  • High-frequency data capture for near real-time inventory status 
  • Granular measurement capabilities for precision and accuracy 
  • Root cause analysis functions to streamline resolution planning 

Learn more about the hidden profit killer: Fuel inventory variance. Our 3-part webinar series, The Future of Filling Up, explores how automated technology empowers operators to identify, fix, and prevent these issues Register below for part 2: Fuel Inventory Variance Control, and learn how to take action that can significantly impact your bottom line.  

Session Two: Fuel Inventory Variance Control: Why Speed and Precision Matter  

April 24, 2024 @ 2:00pm EDT  

Titan Cloud’s Vice President of Solutions Consulting Brent Puzak and Solutions Consultant Michael Lewis will discuss: 

  • The negative chain reaction of undetected fuel inventory variance, from throughput to write-offs 
  • How real-time data analytics empower fuel retailers to quickly and accurately respond to issues triggering inventory variance 
  • What fuel retailers need to know about the advantage of connective technology in optimizing fuel logistics and increasing revenue 

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Brent Puzak

VP of Solutions Consulting

Brent brings 25 years' industry experience to Titan Cloud as the Vice President of Solutions Consulting. He led environmental shared services for a global retail chain with over 9,000 locations, moving through numerous leadership positions. Brent's diverse background and knowledge allows him to take a strategic approach to addressing complex industry challenges.

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