Getting Ahead of Fuel Theft

Best Practices for Convenience Stores and Fleets

If you’re in the fuel industry—and even if you’re not—you’ve probably seen the headlines about increasing fuel theft. Stories are everywhere about people finding ways around record-setting fuel prices. Even as fuel prices change, fuel theft is a major liability for any company that owns and manages fuel.

In this ebook, we’ve written out detailed tactics you can implement right away to stop fuel theft before it becomes a major problem for your business. In fact, these tactics can help you address not only fuel theft but also other fuel inventory inconsistencies. You’ll learn:

  • Current trends every facility with fuel should be aware of
  • How you can build a more granular accounting picture to understand your fuel inventory
  • How to educate and train your staff so they are safe and prepared
  • Why and how you should implement a digital analytics system
  • And more

After reading, you’ll understand how fuel theft affects every facility with fuel, and how you can reduce fuel inventory discrepancies to experience maximum profit for your company and your employees.