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Stay in compliance with confidence

Our comprehensive environmental platform keeps owners, operators, and regulators happy

With EnviroCloud, fuel retailers can store environmental compliance data, reports, and documents on one centralized platform, allowing for streamlined processes and ready access to information you need. Our 24/7 alarm monitoring software provides real-time alerts so leaks don't go undetected. With up to 80% savings in environmental fines and no need for large environmental reserves, you can focus your time and budget on other important needs. 

Make every drop of fuel count

Maximize profit with intelligent monitoring and insights

Fuel is the heartbeat of the convenience store business, so you need to know exactly where it's going. With FuelCloud, owners and operators have round-the-clock access to all gauge data for better management of flow rates, nozzle downs, and remote inventory monitoring for constant visibility and a better customer fueling experience.

Resolve issues quickly and efficiently

Keep your sites running at peak performance

Fuel retailers manage thousands of maintenance requests a month, requiring swift action to get revenue-producing assets functioning again. FacilityCloud's flexible platform helps manage vendors, technicians, and work orders remotely so you can solve requests efficiently from wherever you are. By integrating your entire operation on one platform, you can streamline your work order process for fewer go-backs and better technician performance. 

Here's what our customers have to say




“There’s nothing else like this. They [Titan] keep expanding with the new regulations, making sure they stay current with where the industry is going.”  

Richard Wright

Environmental Compliance Specialist

“We were used to living with 25-30% of our sites out of compliance at any given time. Using Titan’s EnviroCloud, we dropped to under 1% and no longer fear the regulator.”  


Top 10 Fuel Retailer  

We’ve closed over 250,000 [visual inspection] activities with Titan. That’s a lot of activities, but it really is an organized way to keep up with things. We use the activities function for things I’m not sure Titan is even aware of.” 

Ron Fulenchek

Senior Director of Gasoline, Environmental Compliance & Remediation

“With Titan we have constant visibility into our in-ground inventory, alarms, and historical analytics. This helps us keep a tighter leash on carriers, avoid run outs, save money, and make informed decisions.”  

Inventory Control Specialist

Top 10 C-store  

“We’re tied through Titan to our ATGs to throw off an alert for any parameter changes that are made to our ATGs. If it’s something we know about, we can accept it. If it’s something we didn’t know about or agree with, then we can revert it back.” 

Ron Fulenchek

Senior Director of Gasoline, Environmental Compliance & Remediation

 “Our entire work order management service is running on Titan, not just in environmental.”

Jeff Barcome


“Work order automation is a very important module for us. We use it in every place we use the environment solution. The environmental, fuel, and any other equipment orders are all running through Titan.”  

Brian Hawkey

Facilities Maintenance Manager


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