Tank Talk: Professional Services for the Fueling Industry

From convenience store chains to fleets, companies in this industry deploy a wide range of specialized projects, software, and operations to ensure success. Titan Cloud’s Chief Revenue Officer John Donnelly III gathered a panel of Titan Cloud experts and industry professionals from the c-store and fueling sectors to dive into the enterprise support needed to make a business successful. 
Jennifer Wehner, HSSE Director for Thorntons, and Niall Gillen, Director of Operations at Propel Fuels, joined Titan Cloud’s Jon Marinas, Senior Vice President of Compliance Solutions, and Eric Nordstrom, Senior Director of Platinum Support, for this timely Tank Talk. 
“At Titan, we’ve always taken the approach that our customers might need that little extra touch when it comes to operational compliance management,” Marinas said. “Therefore, we do help our customers uncover those gaps, and, when we uncover those gaps, it develops a unique scope of work for our customers.” 
No matter the situation, Marinas said he and his team are happy to customize a plan to figure out what type of platinum support a customer requires. “Whether it’s something as small as a one-time gap analysis or full-on support, my team acts as a branch of the compliance department for that environmental team for that customer.” 
One example of Titan Cloud working with customers to improve compliance is with Thorntons and their dispenser flow rates. 
“What we’ve done is we’ve worked on the ability to try and connect to their facilities and have their back-office system connect to their automatic tank gauge,” Marinas said. They are currently in the demo phase of this process. 
“Our biggest opportunity was with alarm management,” Wehner said. “Before coming to Titan, we relied on our store staff to call into our help desk to report alarms. With employee turnover and the challenges of getting folks properly trained, we found that many of the alarms were simply not being reported in a timely manner. Having Titan monitor those alarms provides immediate assurance that all those alarms are being responded to.”