Tank Talk: C-Store Perspective on Compliance Software

After years serving as Circle K’s Director of North American Environmental Shared Services, Brent Puzak has joined Titan Cloud as the new Vice President of Solutions Consulting.

It was during his time with the global c-store chain that he realized how the data and information provided by Titan's environmental compliance software could be critical in assisting other compliance professionals.

“It became a product that was not just for compliance purposes, but really provided cross-functionality across a lot of organizations,” he said. “It became our central source of truth for our compliance services for the organization, both on an internal basis as well as an external basis.”

Time savings across the organization couldn’t have come at a better time, since industry professionals are now dealing with rapidly increasing amounts of forecourt data. Between data tracking customer visits, loyalty programs, sales data, and other information, there are more numbers than ever.

Yet analyzing these large amounts of data is something that many industry professionals still struggle with, whether it’s for environmental compliance, facility maintenance, fuel inventory, or other operations.

“There’s a significant amount of information being collected at a convenience store on an ongoing basis. What I see is that big data segment is increasing significantly – COVID was a huge driver in that. That’s overlapping into the compliance space, where the compliance personnel are really being asked to provide more information, to capture more information, to move faster,” Puzak said. “Most organizations are being asked to do a lot more with far fewer staff, so it becomes even more of a challenge, if they have a lot of manual processes in place, to run their businesses effectively.”

Luckily, as Puzak can attest, Titan Cloud’s compliance software helps forecourt owners and operators understand their risks and increase their profits without adding undue burdens on the workers.