Tank Talk: How Realistic Goals Help Titan Stay Strong During Uncertain Times

Many companies are facing new and unsettling challenges during the pandemic, but only some are actively  positioning themselves to grow as we approach a "new normal."

Titan Cloud Software Chief Revenue Officer John Donnelly III is confident Titan is one of those companies. With many employees already working remotely, the day-to-day at Titan stayed relatively unchanged when shelter-in-place orders were enacted, and with reasonable goals about the future, Titan is set have a strong year and enter 2021 stronger and more prepared than ever.

“We just basically put things on hold and realized that you better improvise and adapt quickly, because, if you don’t, you’ll be in trouble. We believed early on that, if we didn’t do this and keep the pace and momentum going that we had before the pandemic started, we didn’t want to look back and say we made mistakes and stayed still and were caught flat-footed,” Donnelly said. “We feel like we’ve done a great job doing that, building demand for new customers and talking with our existing customers – probably even more than we already do."

“I think, frankly, we’re going to emerge even healthier.”

Donnelly also said Titan and its partner M33 are keeping in mind that they’ll need to keep expectations realistic during the pandemic. However, that doesn’t mean thinking about new growth completely grinds to a halt.

“In many ways, from a go-to-market perspective, we’ve been able to get closer to some of our customers and some of our prospects through this process,” he said. “So, while things have been delayed a bit and some of our growth plans had to be adjusted, we feel like we were able to still maintain that demand generation and continue to provide amazing thought leadership through many of the channels we chose to work through.”

As a leading-provider of facility maintenance, fuel management, and environmental compliance software for convenience stores and other facilities with fuel (deemed essential by the CDC), Titan Cloud is committed to working diligently throughout the pandemic to continue providing flexible software for their critical customers.