Tank Talk: The Benefits of Titan Cloud for Convenience Store Fuel Storage Tank Systems

As the Director of Environmental and Fuel Services for CEFCO Convenience Stores, Terry Harrah knows first-hand the benefits Titan Cloud’s software can bring to a business. Harrah’s responsibilities include fuel storage compliance, maintaining fuel quality and EMV software, and managing the work order systems. And he’s come to rely on Titan’s cloud offerings to make things run smoothly.

“We find Titan gives us an advantage over other systems that we’ve used in the past,” Harrah said. “Everything’s cloud-based. You can customize your alarms. And you’re not just tied to your computer. Titan’s a powerful tool that we use when we’re out in the field, or on weekends. It will send us an alarm, an email, to let us know something is wrong that needs our attention. And if you need to make a work order, it’s all cloud-based so you can make that order off your phone.”

Harrah mentioned CEFCO is using Titan Cloud's new work order system, which allows a store to resolve maintenance issues faster than ever. It also gives stores more inventory management control and the ability to re-route work dispatches.

With operations in six states, CEFCO needs to comply with different rules and regulations depending on location. “With Titan, we can customize each store, and the system will let us know through a dashboard of when certain requirements are due, depending on which state the store is in,” Harrah said. This type of access and flexibility is critical when tank inspections come up. Not only will the system notify operators when a tank inspection is due, but it can also help schedule the inspection and organize all the necessary documentation so the inspection can be completed quickly, without any hassle or extra work.