Tank Shutdown Statistics

Fuel locations sell approximately 2,600 gallons per day. But what happens when the fuel tanks shut down? It can be hard to know exactly how much you can lose during a shutdown.

So we dug into our data to learn what’s at stake:

  • Gas stations dispense around 300 gallons every hour.
  • It takes an average of 10 hours to restore fuel sales.
  • The current average fuel margin is $0.30 per gallon
  • (300 gallons/hour x 10 hours) x $0.30 = $900

Tank runouts cost a gas station $900 in fuel sales.

But the losses don’t stop there. What about lost inside sales?

  • C-stores stand to lose 12.5 customers for every hour of a runout.
  • A store’s average profit is $2.62 per customer. 
  • (12.5 customers/hour x 10 hours) x $2.62 = $328

Combined, you’ll lose out on $1,228 of profit for every tank shutdown.

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