One Platform To Manage Your Fuel Assets & Fuel Logistics

Comprehensive software manages your forecourt to your back office and everything in between.

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The global c-store market is projected to reach $3.12 trillion by 2028.




Over 60% of global c-stores trust Titan Cloud to optimize their fuel assets.

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Titan Cloud is used by four of the top five global convenience stores.

Fuel Asset Optimization for Convenience Stores

Automate and centralize convenience store and fuel retail operations to better manage environmental compliance risk, reduce maintenance costs, and boost revenue.


Keep Owners, Operators, And Regulators Happy

Managing environmental compliance across many sites and regulatory bodies, while using disparate equipment, and disjointed software, and a small team, is daunting. Titan brings everything together to simplify, standardize, and extend your efforts to make your compliance goals a reality.

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Continuous Insights From Tank To Pump For Real-Time Decisions

Fuel is the lifeblood of the convenience industry. With Titan’s fuel inventory software, owner-operators have round-the-clock access to gauge data for improved flow rates and reduced downtime. Also identify real-time fuel loss due to meter drift and theft to maximize fuel yield and revenues.

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Smooth Forecourt Experience, Bigger Baskets

Most consumers visit gas stations for fuel, which accounts for most of an operator’s profitability. Keep pumps flowing with Titan to avoid fuel runouts, nozzle down, or slow flow pumps, to keep customers happy.

Why Titan Cloud?
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Uncover Hidden Opportunities, Higher Profitability

When merchants have access to all their fuel asset data on one dashboard, they can see where they are losing money and why. Early detection of problems leads to a better fueling experience, lower risk, better profit and lower cost of maintenance.

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Frictionless fueling software showing downtime causes and tank shutdowns by location down to the site and dispenser level.

Customer Case Studies

Yesway Gains Agility with Compliance

“We needed to find a platform that was cost effective, that could work with our existing portfolio of c-stores, and that could both grow and adapt to regulatory changes as well as adding vendors, adding staffing…something that was flexible and customizable.”

Aaron Pachlhofer

Sr. Environmental Compliance Manager

State-Specific Compliance

“There are some states that have certain rules and wording requirements on how the report looks. Titan has been able to replicate the state form so that it comes in the correct format the governments need.”

Ron Fulenchek

Senior Director of Gasoline, Environmental Compliance & Remediation

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