Tank Talk: Navigating Complex Challenges Faced by Retail Fuel Operators

On this episode of Tank Talk, host Daniel Litwin was joined by Titan Cloud's Director of Product Management Clay Moore to discuss the ever-evolving world of retail fuel operation and the challenges and logistical pain points associated with the industry.

Moore said retail fuel operators have plenty on their plates, including new regulations and compliance requirements, shifting customer expectations, and the impact of social media on the customer experience.

"Needs in the industry are constantly changing...The customer fueling experience really drives the market regarding your business and sales," Moore said. "And social media impacts every industry -- years ago, it was all about who had the cheapest gas prices. Now, it's all about sharing the customer experience."

Without proper oversight and the tools to help make sense of vast amounts of data, operators are exposed to significant risk of regulatory violations, inefficiencies, inadequate release detection, and slow response to problems that do arise.

Titan Cloud's platform provides the visibility, insights, and reliability that help owners and operators address all these issues proactively.

"In today's world, having the latest information is key for making decisions," Moore said. "One of the main factors in fuel management is having fast, dependable, and reliable visibility into inventories...Our solution is also able to provide analytics not just for fuel forecasting, but in better tank charts, root-cause analysis on alarms, and the ability to filter out the noise."