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Canary Compliance


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Plans & What You Get

Inventory Basic Pro Basic (inventory off) Pro (inventory off)
Mobile App
Inventory Module
Fuel hauler exports
Real-time alarm notifications
Remote monitor control
Compliance reporting
Enhanced remote monitor control
Enhanced compliance reporting
AlarmAssist™ – Virtual Alarm Assistant

Features Breakdown

Feature Description
Mobile App Check inventory and water levels in real time with Canary’s easy-to-use mobile inventory app, available for iOS and Android
Inventory Module Monitor inventory and water levels at all your tanks and sites with our real-time inventory dashboard
Fuel hauler exports Send scheduled inventory reports to your fuel hauler via email, FTP, or SFTP
Real-time alarm notifications Canary continually monitors your alarm activity, intelligently grouping related alarms. This dramatically reduces the number of alarm notifications you receive and helps you understand what’s really going on at the site.
Remote monitor control With Canary’s user-friendly remote tank monitor control center, you can manage your tank monitor from anywhere. Pull reports with a click of a button.
Compliance reporting Monthly compliance reports (the leak detection “slips” you print from your tank monitor to document compliance, e.g. CSLD, sensor status, etc.) are automatically pulled and stored in Canary, available for you to access and download 24/7.
Enhanced remote monitor control Run tests and change settings with the click of a button. Never again pay a tech to go to a site to make a minor programming change.
Enhanced compliance reporting Canary analyzes and assesses compliance status across your sites; exception reminders help you stay on top of any compliance issues. All compliance paperwork is saved in Canary’s unlimited cloud storage database.
AlarmAssist™ – Virtual Alarm Assistant Our proprietary software diagnoses and interprets alarm conditions in real time, analyzing the issues and providing troubleshooting recommendations. AlarmAssist™ automatically determines if alarm conditions require maintenance and provides tools to take cost-effective action, remotely or on-site.

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Boosted Canary – TLS-350 ($450), External Antenna Canary – TLS-350 ($550), Franklin Evo 550 ($450), Franklin TS1000 ($550), Franklin TS1001 ($550), Franklin TS2001 ($550), OPW Integra ($450), TLS-300 ($450), TLS-350 ($450), TLS-450 ($450), TLS-450 Plus ($450)