Adapted from Tank Talk podcast episode #5 

Throughout most of 2019, Yesway's growth mostly came from the addition of small, regional c-store chains to its portfolio. But everything changed when the company acquired Allsup's and quadrupled their site count overnight. Growing this rapidly strains most operations, but one thing quickly became abundantly clear: for a successful acquisition and future growth, Yesway needed a better compliance solution 

Compliance Growing Pains 

Yesway suddenly found itself with sites in more than nine U.S. states, each with their own set of local compliance regulations, and a complicated tank portfolio with little access to real-time data. Their compliance platform was managed by third party and wasn’t cost-effective or user-friendly. Tracking due dates was cumbersome, alarm management was expensive, and inventory variance was time-consuming, so Yesway’s Compliance Manager Melissa Davis set out to find a new solution. “We needed platform that was cost effective, that could work with our existing portfolio of c-stores, and that could both grow and adapt to regulatory changes as well as adding vendors, adding staffing...something that was flexible and customizable,” Davis recalled. She also needed a solution that would allow Yesway to move its compliance process onlineso compliance teams and regulators from different states could collaborate easily. This became even more crucial when the pandemic hit in March 2020. 

Technology powered by people 

Because of her previous experience in environmental consulting, Davis knows there’s no such thing as a “compliance transition period." Yesway needed a compliance solution that was ready to go on day one. This was what Davis found in Titan, but she also realized that the people behind the technology are just as important as platform itself. “We realized during the research phase, that [Titan] walks you through. Switching compliance platforms is daunting and it gives a lot of compliance managers cold sweats, so we needed a company that would be there, who would help us. Not do the work for us but guide us,” said Davis.  

Streamlined Success 

After selecting Titan Cloud, Yesway's compliance processes improved immediately. According to Davis, one of the most beneficial features is the dashboard which offers a comprehensive overview of testing, permit expirations,  inspections, and more. It’s this dashboard that helps vendors, technicians, and employees access real-time data remotely to ensure smooth operations. Davis also touted the immense improvements in tracking due dates and the efficiencies created in alarm management and dispatch. 

When asked what she would say to companies evaluating Titan’s environmental compliance software, Davis responded, “A platform like Titan is a mechanism to allow your team, including outside vendors, to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively by simplifying the documentation, collecting, auditing, and responding. Titan is a platform that allows that to happen.” 

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