5 Announcements Titan Cloud Is Making at NACS 2022

NACS Show 2022 is the premier convenience store conference put on by NACS, the leading global trade association trusted by over 1,300 retailers and 1,600 suppliers in more than 50 countries. October 1-4, 2022, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, this four-day event brings together networking, exciting new vendors, and groundbreaking tech that will transform your business. 

What to Expect at NACS 2022 

Besides the ocean-sized expo floor, you’ll discover world-leading technologies and products that will change the way you run your convenience store. 

One of the most exciting things about NACS is the speakers. We particularly look forward to learning from fuel experts who  can talk about the future of fuel. Experts such as  Sarah Blodgett of Casey's General Stores, Jacob Maass of Kum & Go, and Jeff Reichling of Kwik Trip, Inc are hosting sessions you should put on your list. 

The Leading Technology for Convenience Stores, Fuel Carriers, and Service Providers 

We're excited to be exhibiting at NACS again. Our booth - 7081 - is located right next to the In-Store Merchandise East section and will once again have the 12-foot-tall robot to greet and take photos with attendees. You won't want to miss it. 

We're particularly excited to publicize five new announcements from product releases, company updates, and exclusive NACS-related content. 

  1. We launched Dispenser Monitoring. 
  2. Our Hurricane Reports are available. 
  3. Delivery Planning is live.
  4. We made the INC 5000 list. 
  5. Charlesbank Capital Partners made a majority investment in the business. 

1. We launched Dispenser Monitoring. 

Titan Cloud has offered Dispenser Monitoring globally for over 5 years across 2,500 locations, and we’re thrilled to be bringing it to the United States. By combining real-time dispenser monitoring with Titan Cloud’s well-known ATG analytics, we provide a holistic view of the forecourt, backcourt, and underground tank systems that is unmatched in the industry. 

This presents huge advantages for operators, service providers, and wholesalers as they work together to provide the best service possible. Fuel transactions can be monitored in real-time. Price changes can be tracked and enforced. Hyper-accurate fuel scheduling and just-in-time delivery become possible. And it’s easier than ever to catch and correct problems such as low flow rate, leaks, sudden loss, and theft. Fewer dispatches are required as more issues can be analyzed and resolved remotely, and when a dispatch is needed, the technician is equipped with the necessary data for a successful first-time resolution. The result: increased uptime, more data transparency, and increased sales for all involved. 

Because our system is hardware agnostic, we can provide a single pane of glass through which you can manage all your facilities, regardless of the equipment and manufacturers you use at each site. 

2. Our Hurricane Reports are available. 

As Hurricane Ian gains strength, we're wishing everyone safety and health as they brace for the storm. Additionally, in response to storms like this, we'd like to remind everyone to take advantage of our Hurricane Reporting functionality. 

You can add inspection fields to your AFIs or create storm-specific preventative checklists that your teams can use to inspect and capture critical issues at the site level before a hurricane like this hits land. 

You can also turn on Water Trends Reporting to monitor the ingress of water above a specified threshold. Additionally, you can program these reports to be sent to your team at specified frequencies. For instance, you set your water threshold at .25 inches. You have .25 inches of sludge already in the bottom of your tank. The report will flag any ingress of water into the tank so that you can stay ahead of phase separation.  

3. Delivery Planning is live. 

Customers rely on our Delivery Planning function for two primary reasons: they want to reduce their runouts and reduce their wasted hauler usage.  

Before turning to Titan Cloud, customers shared three factors that were causing their runouts: 

  • Fixed schedule deliveries don’t account for changes in demand, leaving the owner with too much or too little inventory between deliveries.  
  • Inventory monitoring can be disconnected from sales data, leaving the operator blind to unanticipated surges or drops in sales.  
  • Just-in-time deliveries require accurate monitoring, trend forecasting, and hauler coordination - a level of sophistication beyond the reach of many existing processes and systems. 

Customers also shared their frustrations related to wasted hauler usage. 

  • Fixed schedule hauler usage regularly sends trucks out when a station doesn’t need it.  
  • Unnecessary dispatches are costly and frustrating for owners and haulers.  
  • Haulers want to keep their trucks moving, but also want to be efficient.
  • Manual effort is required to pull and stay on top of data for “smart” hauler management. 
  • Emergency orders are costly and strain relationships with haulers.  

    If this sounds familiar to you, stop by our booth (7081) to learn how our Delivery Planning function can eliminate these frustrations.

    4. Charlesbank Capital Partners has made a majority investment in the business. 

    Charlesbank Capital Partners has made a majority investment in the company. The funding will assist in accelerating the expansion of our business both organically and through M&A.  

    "Titan Cloud has demonstrated a commitment to ongoing innovation and exceptional customer service that has made them the industry-leading compliance platform for retail and commercial fuel providers," said Mayur Desai, Managing Director at Charlesbank. 

    Charlesbank’s size, reputation, and expertise will enable us to broaden and deepen our GTM and product portfolio, ultimately serving customers better.  

    To read more, click here.

    5. We made the INC 5000 List. 

    We're proud to announce that we rejoined this year's Inc 5000 list of fastest-growing companies and have profitably grown more than 170% year over year. Stop by our booth 7081 to see why.  

    NACS Show 2022 provides an opportunity to hear from some of the top minds in the fueling industry, the latest trends and innovations, and ways to get ahead by adopting new technologies. Don’t miss this must-attend event! 

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