Digitize Your Facility Management Overnight

Easily get real-time readings from your site’s equipment and connect it with our enterprise software platform to gain useful insights that reduce dispatches, increase uptime, and extend your maintenance budget.

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Reduce unnecessary dispatches

Know exactly when to call a service provider or to fix yourself

Titan Cloud digitizes your facility to provide your team with the most insightful and actionable information about what is truly happening underground.

Increase uptime

Easily predict tank runouts before they occur

Access inventory levels across each site, monitor demand trends and delivery schedules, and empower your sites with fuel volume and sales trend notifications.

Notifications for every alarm

Know which alarm to solve first and why

Automatically decipher true and false positives, prioritize which alarms to fix first, and escalate priority 1 alarms for immediate dispatch.

Key Features

Get insights like you’ve never seen, by connecting Titan Cloud to your ATG.

Supercharged ATG

Easily send commands to your ATG via the web to better understand current issues and alarms.

Advanced Facility Inspections

From any mobile, tablet, or laptop – easily collect data and report on the pressing items found during routine visual inspections, cooler walkthroughs, and everything in between.

Alarm AI

Automatically decipher true and false positives, prioritize which alarms to fix first, and escalate priority 1 alarms for immediate dispatch.

Tank shutdown analytics

Detect when tanks have stopped pumping to minimize false positives, prioritize which tanks to fix first, and get alarm data to help triage and/or dispatch techs.

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Service Providers

"We saw $14M in savings in compliance and remediation costs by moving to Titan."

Brent Puzak

Director, North American Environmental Shared Services

"We've closed over 250,000 visual inspection activities with Titan. That's a lot of activities, but it really is an organized way to keep up with things. We use the activities function for things I'm not sure Titan is even aware of."

Ron Fulenchek

Senior Director of Gasoline, Environmental Compliance & Remediation

“Titan is a very strong fuel management and environmental monitoring service…The most important thing that sets Titan apart is their customer service and strong industry knowledge. Anytime I have a need Titan is there to listen and solve my problem.”

Brian Hawkey

Facilities Operations Manager

“We went from zero visibility into our compliance to having everything consolidated and streamlined into one cloud platform that we can access any time, whether we’re at work, home, or out on a job site.”

Jeff Sexten

Manager, EHS

“They look to us for expertise about what we are hearing from customers and they apply it to their solutions.”

Tami Jensen

Vice President

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