How Titan Cloud Helped Yesway Scale Its Compliance Program

Until 2019, Yesway had been slowly expanding by acquiring small convenience store groups, but that all changed with the acquisition of Allsup’s, a regional chain in New Mexico with more than 300 stores. Yesway’s site count quadrupled overnight and it quickly became apparent that the company would need a new compliance solution to keep up with the rapid growth

Once Yesway chose Titan Cloud for their compliance solution, things moved quickly. With Titan’s platform fully operational, Yesway’s compliance team became more efficient with every new feature they used. Some of the features they found most impactful were:

  • Compliance dashboard - provides a real-time summary of the company’s site portfolio for quick identification of issues.
  • Important Dates – track important dates for reporting, permits, and testing requirements.
  • Automatic report generation – users set up reports once and let them run automatically, keeping vital info just one click away.

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