Titan Cloud Software announced today from the floor of the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) convention in Las Vegas, its new Perfect Gallon™ software for high-definition wetstock management. This suite of ground-breaking fuel management software takes wetstock management to the next level by offering true continuous monitoring of a fuel system to much higher degrees of precision than existing market technologies. Using Perfect Gallon, petroleum retailers can:

  • Precisely audit fuel deliveries as they occur

  • Log meter drift daily at each fueling position

  • Detect fuel theft and loss in real-time

  • Continually verify blend ratios

  • Document flow rate detail and trends by fueling position

  • Establish thresholds to receive alerts & alarms for all the above 

The brand Perfect Gallon underscores the software’s ability to perfectly audit a temperature-compensated gallon from the rack to the nozzle, detecting and documenting any errors, losses, or variances that may occur along the way. Displaying a fuel system in high-definition, the product continuously captures these variance details, magnifying and bringing into clear focus any fluctuations that occur in a fuel system, even to the 1/1000th of a gallon. This accuracy is several orders of magnitude better than alternative technologies on the market. Perfect Gallon will allow fuel managers to see even small losses as they occur, isolate and magnify them, discern root causes, and set thresholds and rules to trigger fast resolution, saving stations thousands of dollars each month in lost fuel revenue.

For more information on Perfect Gallon and its powerful capabilities in delivering continuous, high-definition wetstock management, please visit Titan on the floor of the NACS show or visit www.perfectgallon.com for more information.

About Titan

Titan Cloud Software is the fuel industry's cloud platform with a comprehensive suite of over 50 modules, apps, and equipment connectors for fuel analytics, environmental compliance, and facility maintenance. Helping petroleum retailers manage risk and fuel profit, Titan solutions provide continuous monitoring of fuel inventory, delivery, alarms, variance, meter drift, flow rate, facility compliance data, and much more.

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