Brentwood, Tenn. – Titan Cloud Software, the leading cloud software platform and app suite in the petroleum industry, announced today a compelling list of enhancements to its Inventory Variance and Facility Inspection applications to help clients better reconcile fuel inventory and conduct versatile facility inspections. These improvements were engineered around the strictness of the reconciliation requirements in the Northeastern U.S. and in response to proposed changes for monthly UST facility inspections under the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

New features and functionality contained in this software release include the following:

Inventory Variance/Reconciliation  

  • Ability to set automatic notifications when a variance occurs

  • Ability to set up custom variance periods (1/7/10/30-day/monthly/custom)

  • Tracking of both compliance requirements and operational variance for tighter inventory variance monitoring

  • Extensive workflow to assign and document resolution activity

  • Automated state form overlay with notes

  • Ability to establish profiles across any number of states, sites, and facility groups

  • Detailed reports over definable periods

Advanced Facility Inspections

  • Ability to create, weight, and score survey questions

  • Ability to set up recurring inspections and automate email notifications at key stages

  • Ability to upload existing state/federal PDF forms to create inspections to populate PDF form fields

  • Automation of activities when deficiencies are found

  • Inspection/survey results automatically saved as PDF in e-files

  • Robust inspection deficiency and facility inspection history reporting

These enhancements, available June of this year, come without cost to clients who are currently subscribed to these modules as part of Titan’s overall cloud platform for fuel, compliance, and facility management.

About Titan

Titan Cloud Software is the petroleum industry’s leading cloud software platform with a comprehensive suite of apps or modules for fuel analytics, environmental compliance, and facility maintenance. Helping manage risk and fuel profit, Titan solutions provide 24/7 cloud visibility into fuel inventory levels, alarms, release detection results, variance, flow rates, testing data, and much more. Build your own custom cloud today at

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