Gaseteria, a company headquartered in Brooklyn, New York that has a portfolio consisting of over 50 pieces of real estate including approximately 27 service station and convenience stores in New York City, has selected Titan Management Group as its environmental compliance partner for all its service station sites.

As part of this partnership, Titan will administer the company’s Underground Storage Tank (UST) and Above Ground Storage Tank (AST) compliance program, including initial site assessments and gap closure, as well as ongoing testing and management of all compliance-related activities. These activities include ATG polling, release detection, corrosion protection, Stage I & II vapor recovery, site licenses & permit management, facility/equipment photo & document storage, UST registrations, and regulatory correspondence.

“Environmental compliance is a core value for our company,” commented Adam Good, Executive Vice President of Gaseteria. “We are pleased to partner with Titan and look forward to achieving central control of the compliance function, reducing costs, and driving new efficiencies in our operations,” concluded Good.

Titan has created the most advanced software in the industry that assists in the total management of environmental, fuel, and facility compliance operations. This, coupled with an expert in-house compliance staff and field services division, allows companies like Gaseteria to shift the burden of UST compliance to Titan and place their full attention on economic growth.

About Gaseteria

Gaseteria has been active since 1973 when it began acquiring and developing real estate for use as gasoline stations. The company grew to become the largest independent petroleum retailer in the New York Metropolitan area, operating over eighty gasoline stations under the Gaseteria brand and employing over 500 people. At the turn of the century, Gaseteria shifted away from its Gaseteria brand as the company joined forces with BP in order to grow BP’s market share in the greater New York area. The vast majority of Gaseteria owned services stations continue to operate as BP. At the same time, Gaseteria shifted its focus from operations to real estate development in order to maximize its extremely valuable portfolio of prime assets. The company’s real estate development arm is known as LargaVista Companies. LargaVista means “Long View” in Spanish. This characterizes Largavista’s approach to property acquisition and development while also paying tribute to the company’s Latin American roots. LargaVista currently has over 500,000sf of mixed-use projects in various stages of pre-development.

About Titan

Titan offers the industry’s only integrated solutions for petroleum marketers that enable central management of environmental, fuel, and facility compliance. Providing a shield of total compliance, Titan solutions safeguard the largest convenience store and commercial fleet operators against environmental risk, while helping them perform at peak efficiency.

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With 450 stores, I need central management. Titan gives me an electronic storage and software tools I need to retrieve and manage key documents by store number.
Compliance Manager, Mapco
Titan gives us a competitive advantage because it takes the paperwork, red tape, and legality off our shoulders and lets us focus on making our business better.
President, Top 10 Motiva Jobber
Titan helps us stay on top of our compliance drivers in each given state and region— and not only USTs, but storm water discharge, portable wells, Stage II air compliance, SPCC plans, waste water treatment... The list goes on.
Compliance Director, Top 10 Retailer

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