The EPA is requiring new labels on pumps dispensing on- and off-road ULSD and LSD. These new labeling requirements come as a result of the mandatory changes to sulfur levels in diesel fuel. All petroleum marketers, fleets, and other wholesale purchaser-consumers of on-road and off-road diesel will need to switch out their old labels by October 1, 2010, depending on which fuels they handle. 

What Labels Are Needed?

The four labels that must be affixed to diesel pumps as noted in sections 80.572 (a-d) and 80.573 (a) of the Code of Federal Regulations are for labeling pumps dispensing:

  • Ultra-Low Sulfur Highway Diesel Fuel (15 ppm)
  • Ultra-Low Sulfur Non-Highway Diesel Fuel (15 ppm)
  • Low-Sulfur Non-Highway Diesel Fuel (500 ppm)
  • Low-Sulfur Locomotive and Marine Diesel Fuel (500 ppm)

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to view the EPA requirements. 

What is the Deadline?

The proper labeling language must be displayed by Oct. 1, 2010. However, if you turn your tanks over prior to this date, then you can begin labeling. 

Where Can I Purchase New Labels?

You can order labels or decals from OPIS for $1.29 per pump in quantitiy. These are black and white decals that are 4”x 6” with letters in 24-point bold (the minimum size that EPA requires) that will keep you in compliance and out of trouble. 

To order decals from OPIS, call 1-877-210-4287 or use this online order form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will marketers be required to purchase the new ULSD (15-ppm) pump decal (that is effective Oct. 1, 2010) or can they still use their current decal?
A: Any fuel location dispensing highway (on-road) ULSD (15-ppm) must display the new decal containing the revised EPA-approved language.

Q: Why is the EPA changing the language for the current highway (on-road) ULSD?
A: In 2006, the EPA established a set timeframe for use regarding this particular label. The effective timeframe was June 1, 2006 – May 31, 2010. The EPA has revised the language on this label to exclude any references to model years since all vehicles are now included in the regulation. 

Q: I am a fleet and I only fuel internal vehicles. Do I still need a label?
A: Yes. EPA requires all dispensers fueling on-road vehicles to be labeled appropriately.

Q: My diesel pumps fuel only off-road vehicles. Do I need this label?
A: No, you would need the off-road ULSD label. However, this label has not changed. It is still current under the EPA regulations. 

Q: Do marketers and distributors in California need to label their dispensers?
A: No. California has a federal EPA exemption from diesel labeling.

Q: Are utility companies (such as gas and electric companies) that have pump dispensers on company property and are used solely for company vehicles required to have labels?
A: Yes. The labeling requirements do apply to utility companies even if an entity never drives the vehicles off the premises (e.g., at a mining operation).

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