Titan Management Group, the leading provider of environmental, fuel, and facility compliance solutions for c-store and commercial fleet operators in North America, announced today the release of a new series of software enhancements to benefit all clients.

By offering Titan’s enterprise compliance platform as an SaaS (Software-as-a Service) solution, the company ensures that all of its over 75 clients benefit immediately from features and enhancements as they are developed to solve the complex compliance challenges they face daily.

Some of the newly-integrated enhancements include:

1. Permit Management – Titan has added new permit management capabilities for both fuel and non-fuel-related permits within its EDGE platform. Fuel permits that can now be easily managed via the software include registration certificates, financial responsibility, permit to operate, and stage two certificates. Non-fuel permits include alcohol, tobacco, insurance, sales tax, dairy and produce, among others.

2. Maintenance Dispatch – Titan now provides within its solution the ability to centrally manage the maintenance function. Managers can use this function to assign internal technicians or external vendors to various maintenance tasks. This allows stores or locations to initiate requests to a central source for proper dispatch. Furthermore, the function prioritizes tasks and automatically escalates unexecuted tasks from a lesser to higher priority as time passes.

3. Fuel Dispatch – The new fuel dispatch function of the EDGE platform provides the ability to more efficiently manage more of the fuel aspects of your business. The software now offers real-time visibility into fuel inventory levels. It also produces trend usage reports for more data-driven efficiency in dispatch. Also included in this function is the ability to optimize loads, manage drivers, forecast deliveries, and order at the best price point.

4. Activity Log – To enhance workflow management, Titan added a new activity log into its EDGE software platform. This allows any tasks that need to be managed to be managed via the software. The solution can automate notification via e-mail to key employees responsible for resolution of these activities.

“We strive to continually improve our software based on the needs of our large client base and roll these improvements into our software platform,” commented Richard Patterson, vice president of product development at Titan Management Group. “We are confident these latest enhancements will add greater efficiency and operational effectiveness to the compliance function of our existing clients,” concluded Patterson.

These latest enhancements, available immediately to Titan clients, are just another way the company continues to deliver on its promise to provide its clients with a shield of total compliance against regulatory risk, while enabling increased efficiency in operations.

About Titan

Titan Management Group offers the only integrated regulatory and operational compliance solutions for petroleum marketers and fleet owners. Our software and services safeguard the largest operators against risk and improve operations.

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With 450 stores, I need central management. Titan gives me an electronic storage and software tools I need to retrieve and manage key documents by store number.
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