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EPA Releases New Guidelines

The EPA has released the highly anticipated updates to the 1988 UST regulations. Here’s what they mean for the owner/operator:


  • Walkthrough Inspections to inspect Spill Prevention, Release Detection, & Containment Sumps – required every 30 days
  • Overfill Prevention Inspections – required every 3 years
  • Spill Prevention & Containment Sump Testing – required every 3 years
  • Release Detection Equipment Testing – required annually

All records listed above must be maintained for a minimum of 3 years.

  • Operator Training will also be required for all previously deferred UST Systems

o   Indian Reservations & states without operator training requirements

  • Release Detection must be conducted on previously deferred UST Systems

o   UST system storing fuel solely for use by emergency power generators

o   Airport hydrant fuel distribution systems and UST systems with field-constructed tanks

To view the complete regulations, click here: http://www.epa.gov/oust/fedlaws/revregs.html

Titan is committed to being your partner in environmental compliance. For more information about our products & services contact Kristen Beck at kbeck@titancloud.com or 615-372-6010. 


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