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Phil Hunt, Director of Software Engineering, has been with Titan for six years. He started as a Senior Software Engineer before being promoted to Director in 2011. Phil & his team of dedicated engineers are responsible for the design, development, testing & deployment of all Titan's software assets. They also handle administration of production infrastructure. 

Phil began his career at the age of five when he landed his first contract gig with the city of Greenville, Tennessee to format a set of floppy disks. He was inspired by his father, who owned his own software company, to become an engineer. He earned his degree from the Vanderbilt School of Engineering in 2005. 

For Phil, the most exciting part of our technology is a new feature being added to the Fuel Cloud called Perfect Gallon. Perfect Gallon will provide accurate fuel accountability from rack to nozzle within minutes rather than daily or monthly to protect fuel capital and loss. This new feature will help explain loss via theft, leak or incorrect delivery and help detect meter calibration issues. It will also provide precise flow rates to improve the customer experience at the pump. Perfect Gallon is expected to debut in the summer of 2015. 

Another new feature being added to the Fuel Cloud in March 2015 is multi-factor authentication. It will provide a multi-step verification process to enhance user security. The first step is knowing the password. The second step is proving you have possession of a security device, such as a time based password, via a mobile app. 

"Being able to produce things like security improvements that enhance our reliable scalable infrastructure & building new secure highly available solutions for our customers are the most enjoyable parts of my job." 

Phil lives in Thompson Station with his wife Whitney & their three children. 

For more information about Titan's products & services please contact Kristen Beck at kbeck@titancloud.com or (615) 372-6010.

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