Titan Cloud Software is an agile, responsive, fast-paced SaaS and IoT software company that is changing the way downstream oil and gas industry market does business. We think and act like a tech start-up: eager for new ideas, ever challenging the status quo, and passionate about the best technology—yet we have a customer list that comprises the who’s who of the retail petroleum industry. In fact, our software currently monitors an estimated 50% of all U.S. consumer gasoline throughput. That’s Big Data with compelling analytics used to fuel profit and manage risk for our clients.

Based in Brentwood, Tennessee, just a few minutes south of Music City (Nashville), Titan Cloud Software solutions bridge the trifecta of fuel asset management with continuous M2M wetstock monitoring of tank systems and dispensers, cloud automation of once tedious environmental compliance processes, and optimization of fuel facility and equipment uptime. This creates huge value for our clients, routinely proving triple-digit ROI and allowing them to effectively scale and conquer new horizons.

Recognized as a top 50 IoT company, Titan offers an opportunity-rich workplace with exciting potential for only the best software engineers and forward-thinking technology innovators.

Titan Cloud Software Overview

With 450 stores, I need central management. Titan gives me an electronic storage and software tools I need to retrieve and manage key documents by store number.
Compliance Manager, Mapco
Titan gives us a competitive advantage because it takes the paperwork, red tape, and legality off our shoulders and lets us focus on making our business better.
President, Top 10 Motiva Jobber
Titan helps us stay on top of our compliance drivers in each given state and region— and not only USTs, but storm water discharge, portable wells, Stage II air compliance, SPCC plans, waste water treatment... The list goes on.
Compliance Director, Top 10 Retailer

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